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Hidden Camera

Long Distance

Online Catalogue |  Long Distance

2.4Ghz Magnetic mount antenna
Sorry, Orders suspended until back-log cleared

2.4Ghz Magnetic mount antenna

Ref: Dipole1

Comes with 3m connecting cable so that it can be located on the roof of a vehicle or on a high shelf indoors either way it will improve the reception range over the standard receiver antenna.

Anyone who tells you a simple antenna will boost your signal does not understand how antennas work, having said that this antenna can improve the of reception range in some cases as often the antenna can be placed in a position were the signal is stronger and not being obstructed by metal, concrete or brick walls.
However, if you can move your receiver unit to the same place then do that instead as signal is lost on long antenna cables but not on the audio and video cables connecting your receiver to your TV or Video.

Helical Antenna for longer range 2.4Ghz wireless reception
Sorry, Orders suspended until back-log cleared

Helical Antenna for longer range 2.4Ghz wireless reception

Ref: AntHel1

Price: 49.00 (Excluding VAT at 15%)

This directional helical antenna provides up to 9dbi of gain over a standard dipole antenna so if your camera signal is a bit fuzzy because of obsticals like walls or ceilings or simply because of the distance between camera and receiver then this antenna could provide a solution for you.

Compatable with all MicroSpy 2.4Ghz wireless cameras it comes with a mounting tripod and 50cm of cable.

Online Catalogue |  Long Distance